• The ICFAI University,  Nagaland

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

Department of IT & Mathematics

The Department of IT & Mathematics, established in 2007, have been actively engaged in imparting knowledge and training on various applications in the area of Information Technology both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The department has designed the entire computer network (LAN) of the university campus connecting 80+ computers. The department has also produced various software for the university since 2008.

The department has a good record of its students getting job offers due to its up-to-date syllabi and faculty members who are dedicatedly and actively engaged in teaching and research. In the near future, the department plans to introduce post graduate programmes in the field of IT. The department has been providing company internships as well as in-house projects for the students.


  • The primary objectives of the department are:
  • To produce skilled and industry-ready IT graduates in the field of Information Technology to cater to the local as well as global need for skilled professionals.
  • To constantly adapt to and impart up-to-date technical skills to the students.
  • Head of the Department
    o Mr. Rupanka Bhuyan, Assistant Professor
  • Faculties of the Department
    o Mr. O Bhopen Singh, Senior Lecturer

    o Mr. Kamal Hussain, Lecturer

    o Mrs. Rashmi Ranjita Panda, Senior Lecturer

    o Mr. Sanjib Das, Assistant Professor
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
    o Duration: 3 years

    o Credits: 126

    o Projects: 1 Minor Project and 1 Major Project
  • Courses offered in other departments
    o Department of Management
  • MBA Programme (2 courses of 3 credits each)
  • BBA Programme (3 courses of 3 credits each)
    o Department of Commerce
  • BCom Programme (3 courses of 4 credits each)
  • Computer Lab
    o Servers:
  • 1 (one) Linux based Web Server & Database Server
  • 1 (one) Linux based Internet Gateway with Firewall
  • 1 (one) Windows based Web Server
    o Software (Operating Systems):
  • Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Fedora Core 4 / Fedora 14 / Ubuntu / Fedora 22
    o Software (Packages / Tools / Compilers / Databases)
  • gcc, Turbo C++, g++, CodeBlocks, ActivePerl, Perl, PHP, Netbeans, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Visual Studio
    o Intranet Portals/Websites:
  • kc (portal for all academic activities) commissioned in 2008
  • iun-squid-sniffer (for monitoring & maintaining Internet usage records) commissioned in 2008
  • 112 (for examination records) commissioned in 2015
  • squirrel mail (for intra-campus emailing) commissioned in 2008
  • o Internet Connectivity:
  • 1:1 Leased Line (on Microwave Link)