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Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods of ICFAI University Nagaland was started as sub-department under the department of Management in 2007 with only one faculty member Rangalal Mohapatra when only BBA course was offered. The number of Economics faculty members increased to Two (2) with joining of Sumanta Kumar Mahapatra when the University started offering MBA course in July 2008. With the starting of B.A. and B.Com, the department of Economics became a fully-fledged department since June 2013. With starting of B.A. Economics Major in 2015, the number of Economics faculty members increased to three.
At present the following faculty members are serving under the department of Economics:

  • Mr. Sumanta Kumar Mahapatra (MA, M.Ed., Pursuing Ph.D.), Head of the Department and Academic Coordinator
  • Miss Aosenla Pongen (MA, Pursuing Ph.D.)
  • Mrs. Akala Pongentsur (MA, NET, B.Ed.)

The details are furnished attempting to keep the same individualistic order and style as originally submitted in the write-ups by the respective departments. The details of the following department have not been submitted to me yet (as on the 19th of Jan 2016):

Department of History

The Department of History, ICFAI University got conceived and established in July 2013. The department since the year of its formation is growing year by year in terms of students enrollment and teaching quality.

Currently the Department of History offers both B.A (Pass) & B.A (Honours) courses. The range of teaching includes Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Indian History. Given the importance of geography as essential source of studying history, the history of North-East India, Naga political history and cultures are also being taught. Besides, the department also taught and offer courses on Historiography, Western World and history of Far-East Asia.

The present B.A. programme is spreading over four (4) semesters involving 64 credits. In the third year, Course Based Credit System (CBCS) is offered to students wherein, students of history department were allowed to take up courses in other departments. Similarly, students of other departments are welcome to take courses offered by the department.

Currently there are two faculties in the department who had done extensive research on ethnoarchaeology, material cultures, cultural history, oral history, narratives and folklore studies.

Faculties of the department:

Dr. Resenmenla Longchar, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET.

Dr. Nutazo Lohe, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET.

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established in the month of July, 2013 with Undergraduate Courses in Bachelor of Arts (General & Honours). The first batch of BA & BA Honors will graduate in July 2016. Three Batches of BA 2013-2016, 2014-2017 & 2015-2018 (General & Honours) are pursuing their courses. The in-take of students for Honors class is 40.

Since August 2014, the Department has started a Two-Year Master's Program. The Department will also have its first batch of Post-Graduates in August 2016. At present, the Department has two batches of MA pursuing the courses. The in-take of students for MA class is 60.

"There are six faculty members in the Department who are specialized in their own subjects."