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Faculties @ IU Nagaland

Faculties @ IU Nagaland

The ICFAI University, Nagaland has 5 Faculty of Studies which include Faculty of Humanities & Education, Faculty of Management Studies, Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences, Faculty of Accounting & Finance, and Faculty of Social Sciences, respectively.

There are a total of 10 Departments under these 5 Faculty of Studies.

The Faculty of Humanities & Education include the Department of Philosophy (started in July 2013), the Department of English, and the Department of Education & Environmental Studies (started in July 2013).

The Faculty of Management Studies include the Department of Management (started in 2007), and the Department of Library and Information Science (started in 2013).

The Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences include the Department of IT & Mathematics (started in 2007).

The Faculty of Accounting & Finance include the Department of Commerce (started in April 2009).

The Faculty of Social Sciences include the Department of Economics (started in June 2013), the Department of History (started in July 2013), and the Department of Political Science (started in July 2013), respectively.
Currently, the university provides a total of 8 different programs at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels under these 5 Faculty of Studies.