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Department of English

At IUN, identifying the individual competence and imparting a student-centric system of teaching-learning procedure is a primary aim of the Department of English. The department believes in appreciating the literary tradition yet keeping in touch with the contemporary status and standard of the discipline of English Studies.

The Department of English offers Bachelors (Honours), Masters and Ph.D. programmes. It aims at teaching and carrying out research in both conventional and current areas of English Studies. In addition to conventional English Literature and American Literature Studies, it also provides in-depth knowledge into areas such as Cultural Studies, Language Studies and Literary Criticism and Critical Theory.

Both the Bachelors (Honours) and Masters programmes cover different areas of English Studies beginning with the age of Chaucer, the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century, Romantic, Victorian and Modern British Literature; American Literature, Post Colonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Literary Criticism and Critical Theory, the English Language and other aspects of English Language Studies (including Peer Teaching Practicals), Phonetics and Communication Skills.

Ph.D. in English programme offers an opportunity for research in English Literary Studies under the mentorship of a faculty guide.

Apart from academic courses, the department also engages students in extra-curricular activities. The department maintains a profile of organising educative talks by renowned literary personalities and academicians, theatrical performances and drama enactments, poetry competitions, and research-oriented activities. The aim of these activities is to encourage learning and help students acquire a better perspective of what is taught in the class.


Currently, the Department has six qualified and efficient faculty members with research background and actively engaged in guiding research scholars.

  • Dr. Azono Khatso, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Kevizonuo Kuolie , Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Temsurenla Ozukum , AssistantProfessor, HoD
  • Dr. Longchanaro Longkumer, Assistant Professor
  • Sentilemla Lemtur, Assistant Professor
  • Kikarenla Jamir, Assistant Professor

Department of English

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Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy, established in 2013, imparts knowledge on various systems of Philosophical thoughts to the Undergraduate students; although the faculty members are actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research and publication. The Department has a vision of graduating itself to the level of a Postgraduate research department, in the near future. The thrust area of the department is Applied Philosophy -- especially in the field of Bio-Ethic, Business Ethics, Philosophical Counseling, and Logic. The Department, being located in a predominantly tribal region, the Tribal Culture of North-Eastern region of India has been an integral part of the teaching and research activities of the department.

The Students of Philosophy learn the art of logical reasoning and comprehension skills that are essential for success in all walks of life -- personal, social and professional. Philosophy also teaches the students the art of conceptual clarification, articulation, argument formation for effective negotiations, and the ability to frame sound decisions.

On completion of the Undergraduate course, the student may opt for career progression in Philosophy, Theology, Management Studies, Journalism & Mass Communication, Counselling, and Psychotherapy, Law, and so on; or alternately look for teaching jobs at Higher Secondary Schools where philosophy is taught, work as Freelance Writer, Philosophical Counselors, and Business Executives, and such other professions. The Department has Faculty members who have the commitment in training students to explore the vicissitudes of life in a dispassionate, creative, analytic and positive frame of mind. The department offers a wide variety of courses in contemporary philosophical systems of West and East, continental philosophy, logic, ethics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, philosophical counselling, philosophical soft skills, and popular culture. Welcome to the Department of Philosophy.