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  • The management of placement activities at the University falls under the purview of the Admission & Placements Team.
  • This dedicated team, comprising experienced professionals and placement executives, diligently overseesthe training and placement endeavors on a full-time, ongoing basis.
  • It serves as the catalyst for fostering a meaningful dialogue between the University and industries, while effectively coordinating summerinternship programs/projects and final placement activities.
  • The team diligently assesses the performance levels of students and ensures their comprehensive preparation for successful corporate placements.
  • By actively engaging with prospective recruiters, facilitating pre-placementtalks and workshops, and providing requisite facilitiesto visiting companies,the placement department creates a mutually beneficial environment.
  • Throughout the years, the University has established an impressive track record in terms of successful placements.

The Training and Placement

The training and placement wing at the University looks after the training and placement activities on a full-time and continuous basis. Staffed by senior professionals and placement executives, the team initiates and maintains the University-Industry dialogue and manages the summer internship program and final placement activities. The team evaluates student performance levels and ensures relevant preparation for their corporate placements. Placements depend upon not only student's performance during the course of study at the University, but also on prior academic record. Working both at the supply and demand sides of the placement, the team plays the vital intermediary role of matching academic excellence and industry expectations.

Career Opportunities

Although the Undergraduate (UG) Programs prepares the students to progress the students to PG level, the program also prepares the students to seek jobs after completing UG level studies, if they so desire. Management students can look for jobs at appropriate management level in manufacturing, marketing services, BPO, Import/Export, HRM and IT & Systems. However, the IT students can seek entry level careers in the following areas: Management Information Systems, Data base management systems, system analysis and design, internet, software engineering, e-business, enterprise resource planning, computer programming, computer networking, internet applications, portals, web-enabled services, business process outsourcing and so on. University believes that the entire placement exercise is a joint effort between the University and the students. While the University provides guidance and support and network with potential employers, the students have the responsibility to put in the maximum possible efforts to obtain suitable placements.